10 Best Baby Bouncers 2018

Soothing baby can be a tricky task. You’ve tried everything, from driving them around in the car so they’ll fall asleep to standing near the dishwasher when it’s on because they find the hum of the motor soothing.

Sound familiar?

While there are plenty of accessories available when it comes to relaxing and soothing your baby, not to mention having a place to rest them while you tackle your “to-do” list at home, we’re going to focus on the best baby bouncer options on our list below.

Not sure which models are safe and effective? We’ll show you!

Baby Bouncer vs. Glider, Jumper and Walker

There’s the bouncer, there’s the glider, there’s the jumper, and then there are the combination products.

In case you aren’t quite sure of the differences between all of them, here they are:

  • Bouncer. These are appropriate for babies from 0-6 months or until they can lift their head without assistance.

This will allow you to lay them in a reclined seat that is attached to a sturdy frame. You can either move the frame so that the seat bounces lightly up and down or some of them have a frame that vibrates. Very useful for some babies!

  • Glider. This is something most often used for infants. Rather than bouncing, this swings back and forth to gently sooth baby. Some of them have a motor that will gently swing baby back and forth for you. This will also have baby in a reclined seat.
  • Jumper/Walker. Jumpers are attached to doorframes and have a seat that hangs down for baby to sit in. This is appropriate for older babies who are able to hold their heads up unassisted and who meet certain size and weight requirements.

Walkers are great for babies who can’t yet walk on their own and need a little assistance. They decided if they want to sit and play scoot around the house as they master their walking techniques.

The recommended age and weight guidelines will always be provided by the manufacturer, and we have a few choices below that are a combination of a few of these (numbers 9 and 10). Be sure to check them out!

Top 10 Baby Bouncers Table

PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
1. BABYBJORN Bouncer Balance Soft Cotton$$$4.7
2. Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer, Blue/Yellow $$4.5
3. Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Deluxe Bouncer $$4.5
4. Fisher-Price Baby's Bouncer, Geo Meadow $4.5
5. Fisher-Price Comfort Curve Bouncer $4.4
6. Bright Starts Playful Pinwheels Bouncer $4.3
7. Tiny Love Take Along Bouncer, Green $4.3
8. Sassy Cuddle Bug Bouncer, Violet Butterfly $4.2
9. Graco Duet Rocker, Mena $$4.0
10. 4moms, mamaRoo, Baby Swing, Grey Classic $$$$3.9

Stock up on Batteries

Since most baby bouncers will vibrate and play music or makes sounds, you should plan on stocking up on some batteries!

Each unit will tell you the required size and how many you need. If you’re giving the bouncer as a gift, it might be nice to add in a few packs of batteries. It’s the little things that mean a lot!

Features to Consider When Choosing a Baby Bouncers

There are tons of options out there and so many want to claim the title of best baby bouncer in the world!

Here are a few things to look at as you compare and contrast in order to decide which of these options is best for you and your baby:

  • Extra Seat Padding. Some seats have a lot of cushioning and padding that creates a sort of nest around baby. They’re there to help prevent baby from sliding and to add comfort.

Other bouncer seats are simple and straightforward, without all the bells and whistles. What matters is if they are balanced properly and angled correctly. Some feel that the extra padding and cushioning that cups baby in can be a safety hazard, so if you prefer something with a clean design, check out the BabyBjorn bouncer below.

  • Hanging Toys. We already mentioned that some play music and many also have toys that hang in front of baby as they relax in the bouncer.

These simple additions can help sooth fussy babies who get bored with just the bouncing or vibrating feature. It helps occupy their hands and their eyes!

  • Fabric. Find out what kind of fabric the seat is made of and how easy it is to clean. Can you remove it or will you need to spot clean? This makes a big difference!

Top 3 Best Baby Bouncer Reviews

1. BABYBJORN Bouncer Balance

BabyBjorn is known for its quality products, so it’s no surprise that this baby bouncer tops our list.

The design is clean and the seat is covered in 100% cotton. Soft and cozy for baby and easy for you to remove and throw in the washing machines!

The padded safety harness can be adjusted as your baby grows and there are no batteries needed since the seat is designed to bounce along with your baby’s movements (naturally). You can also purchase a wooden accessory bar separately if you like!

2. Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer

Tiny Love has another great bouncer if the previous option wasn’t quite what you were looking for.

This bouncer features a fun jungle theme with two activity bars that you can adjust on each side of the seat. There are three hanging toys, music you can play and a vibrating mode when you don’t have time to bounce baby yourself. It also has two reclining positions!

Just make sure you get some extra AAA batteries. You’ll need them for how often you’ll place baby in the seat!

3. Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Deluxe Bouncer

Let baby snuggle up with a cute, fluffy puppy in this chair.

The puppy-shaped pad on the seat is too cute for words, and it also comes with a head support to keep wobbly infants more stable in the seat. It will vibrate, play tunes for up to 20 minutes and you can remove the overhead mobile. The seat pad is also machine washable.

While this seat is cute and works great for many parents and babies, some have noticed that baby’s feet (when they are long enough) hit the music control panel. Watch out for this!

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