10 Best Ovulation Kits 2018

If you’re hoping to get pregnant, the first thing you should do is accept the fact that it’s not going to be that easy. While we are mostly conditioned into thinking that all it takes is one try to get pregnant, the circumstances that surround the process can greatly affect whether or not you’ll get the results you want.

Ovulation – the time when your body is most ready for pregnancy – is difficult to predict. The problem is that if you miss this prime time for conception, you will have to wait for the cycle to start all over again.

To make sure you don’t miss a beat, using an ovulation kit will help you pinpoint those ideal days for fertilization. Don’t take chances with a tool that can’t help you – find the best ovulation kit with the help of this comprehensive guide.

Top 10 Ovulation Kits Chart

PicturePictureWith Pregnancy TestPriceRating (1-5)
PicturePictureWith Pregnancy TestPriceRating (1-5)
1. Easy@Home 50 Ovulation Test Strips and 20 Pregnancy Test Strips Combo KitYes$$$4.3
2. Clearblue Digital Ovulation TestNo$$$4.1
3. Ovulation & Pregnancy Test, Fertility Test ComboYes$$3.9
4. First Response Ovulation Plus Pregnancy TestYes$3.8
5. Clearblue Fertility Test MonitorNo$$$$3.8
6. 20 Ovulation (LH) Tests Pen - Midstream Test SticksNo$3.5
7. Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation TestNo$$$3.4
8. 50 Ovulation Test Strips and 20 Pregnancy Test Strips with 70 Urine CupsYes$3.4
9. First Response Digital OvulationNo$$$2.8
10. Care Check Combo Ovulation and Pregnancy Test KitYes$2.3

What Makes a Reliable Ovulation Kit?

The best ovulation predictor kit should be able to determine what days you’re most likely to conceive accurately. Since that ideal time frame can be very short and easy to miss, you’ll want something that’s highly precise when it comes to giving you predictions.

What determines whether or not your chosen ovulation kit is really something you can rely on? Consider these factors.

  • Test Sample Required. Ovulation kits can require one of two test samples – urine or saliva. Choosing a specific type can provide you a completely different experience that may or may not suit your preference.
  • Urine. Considered the most accurate test sample. Ovulation kits that test urine measure what’s called the luteinizing hormone (LH) which increases in your urine as you become fertile.

While LH is naturally present in your body at all times, a detectable spike is a reliable indicator of fertility and ovulation. The only thing that you may want to consider when buying a urine ovulation kit is that the process of using the tool can be a bit tedious.

What’s more, urine kits have two main subtypes: monitors and traditional kits. The main difference is that monitors can detect up to 6 fertile days while traditional kits can only detect between 2 and 4 days of fertility.

Plus, with a monitor, you have the option to connect your ovulation kit to your computer or smartphone for added functionality.

  • Saliva. Quick, easy, and fast – saliva-based ovulation kits are ideal if you want to get readings without the tedious process of urine kits. However, if you’re not too keen on losing some accuracy with the results you get, a saliva test may not suit your preference.

Often, women use saliva tests as a supplementary tool to urinary tests. If your urine test comes out positive and your saliva test mimics the result, it’s more likely that you’re ready to conceive; however, if your salivary test is positive while your urine test says otherwise, you may not be at your most fertile state.

  • Number of Fertile Days Detected. Some ovulation kits can detect up to 6 days of fertility while others can only detect two. Knowing when your window of conception is will help you better adjust your effort to fall within the days that you’re likely to fertilize the egg.

While some ovulation kits that can only detect two days can be rather accurate, simply having a test that can predict more fertile days will give you a better chance of hitting the window when you’re most likely to conceive.

Top 5 Best Ovulation Kit Reviews

1. Easy @ Home Ovulation Test Kit

For most women who want to conceive, a test that’s easy, convenient, and quick are some of the most important factors that help guarantee satisfaction. Because the Easy @ Home Ovulation Test Kit provides all of these three sought-after characteristics, it has easily become a popular choice and the best ovulation kit for most women.

The Easy @ Home Ovulation Test Kit comes with 50 LH tests for detecting ovulation and 20 hCG tests for detecting pregnancy. The process of using the kit is simple – just dip the test into a sample and wait 3-5 minutes to get your results. The test has been proven reliable and accurate by countless users, but that’s not the best part.

For the reliability and effectiveness the product provides, it’s a relatively affordable option. So for a small cost, you can confidently test and detect your most fertile days with ease.

2. Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test Kit 2

The ClearBlue Digital Ovulation Test Kit 2 Or More Fertile Days is one of the most reliable testing kits on the market. The package comes with 20 tests which are estimated to be a 2 month supply, and a reusable digital ovulation reader. The test is conducted by placing a urine sample on the test and then slipping it into the digital reader. A smiley face indicates a positive result.

The reason why buyers have gravitated to this product is that it’s fast, reliable, and adaptable to its user. The smart digital stick can learn your specific LH levels depending on how often you use the device, so even if your LH surge isn’t as marked as other women’s, you can still expect accurate results.

3. TrueStick Ovulation & Pregnancy Test Kit

The TrueStick Ovulation & Pregnancy Test Kit comes with 50 LH tests and 20 pregnancy tests. Much like the Easy @ Home Ovulation Test Kit, this option works by being dipped into a urine sample and then waiting up to 5 minutes to get results.

The tests are highly sensitive, detecting fertility 2 days before the actual ovulation, and detecting pregnancy up to 5 days before you expect to get your period. The only concern that some users have is that the tests can be a little less accurate than other ovulation test kits on the market; however, for the affordable price, this can be a viable option for a buyer on a budget.

4. First Response Ovulation Plus Pregnancy Test

First Response is one of the most popular brands in the home pregnancy testing market. For that reason, their First Response Ovulation Plus Pregnancy Test is considered one of the best ovulation prediction kit options compared to other choices.

The package contains 8 tests and gives users access to a free smartphone application to help keep track of all information. The mobile app also provides helpful details on the ovulation process to give you a deeper understanding of what you can do to increase your chances of conceiving. A single issue is that for its price, it doesn’t contain quite as many tests as other packages.

5. ClearBlue Fertility Test Touch Screen Monitor

Another top pick from ClearBlue is the Fertility Test Touch Screen Monitor which is one of the most advanced options available. This high-tech ovulation kit monitors all of the aspects of your cycle, providing you accurate readings six days before you ovulate.

All information measured with the ClearBlue Fertility Test Touch Screen Monitor is stored on the device so you can have a secure history of your ovulation and cycle. For the steep cost, however, some buyers believe it’s too pricey to be practical.

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