6 Best Pregnancy Books for Dads 2018

Future dads out there looking to arm themselves with info before baby arrives will find that there are a variety of resources available, and just as there are plenty of great books for expecting mothers, there are also some excellent books for dads.

On our list below, we’ll show you some of the best pregnancy books for dads and help you decide which ones will work best for you.

Choose an Angle

Authors approach pregnancy books for fathers from a variety of angles, so in order to find a book that you’ll actually like to read and that is useful to you at the same time, you have to take this into consideration as you search.

  • Some Are Humorous. Some authors approach the subject with a raw, sarcastic sense of humor. If this sounds like your kind of book, you might want to check out number 6 below. If not, then just avoid these types of books all together and spend your time and money on something more your style.
  • Some Provide General Tips and Advice. Books like numbers 2 and 4 on our list below are great for dads who need a guide that will provide them with plenty of useful tips.
  • Some Are Scientific. If you’re looking for a scientific, factual explanation of what’s going on during pregnancy, then check out number 1 on our list. It is highly praised by teachers, students and parents-to-be!
  • Some Share Tales of Other Dads and Their Experiences. Number 5 is fun if you want to read the tales of another dad’s experience with fatherhood. The author can relate to dads on a more personal level by means of his stories.
  • Some Focus on Certain Parts of Pregnancy. There are also books that focus on certain parts of pregnancy, such as number 3, which helps dads understand how to coach their wives through the birth.

Top 6 Pregnancy Books for Dads Table

PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
1. The Pregnant Body Book$$$$4.9
2. Gary Greenberg Be Prepared$4.7
3. The Birth Partner - Revised 4th Edition$$$4.7
4. The Expectant Father$4.4
5. Home Game$4.2
6. From Dude to Dad$$4.1

You’ll Need More Than One Book

Now that we’ve highlighted the main types of pregnancy books for dads, we should remind you that you’ll definitely need to get a few of them.

One of the best pregnancy books for dads, as you’ll see below, is the scientific explanation; however, we also highly recommend number 2 for any dad, since it provides you with a lot of great tips.

You probably don’t need 10 books (unless, of course, you enjoy reading and want plenty of different viewpoints on pregnancy), but expect to get at least three that all have different angles on pregnancy, fatherhood and anything else that is specifically relevant to you.

Top 3 Best Pregnancy Books for Dads Reviews

1. Pregnant Body

This is an excellent book if you want plenty of visuals, scientific explanations and facts about pregnancy.

It takes you through all three trimesters, labor and postnatal development and much more, with excellent illustrations and visual aides to help you see and understand what is going on.

Mom-to-be might also enjoy reading this informative book, making it a must-have for both of you!

2. Be Prepared

Not all “pregnancy” books deal specifically with the pregnancy phase because everything after baby arrives is equally as important! This is exactly why we suggest you pick up a copy of Be Prepared.

This will prepare you from birth to baby’s first birthday, help you understand how to deal with baby and how to deal with mom (because mood swings will happen), which is exactly why we find this to be a very handy book for you to have.

Great for first-time dads looking for an easy read.

3. The Birth Partner

The Birth Partner won’t be useful to every dad, but if you plan on being there in the delivery room or present at the birth (whether you’re at home or in a hospital), then this is definitely a book you’ll want to read.

Some might be afraid that this book is only intended for those who plan a natural birth (no meds, no epidural, etc.) but quite the contrary, this book is packed with useful, easy to read info that dads can benefit from. You need to understand what to do while your partner or spouse is in labor and how to support them. Have your partner or spouse read it, too, so they know what to expect from you when the big day (or night) arrives!

First time parents especially love it!

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