10 Best Shampoos for Cradle Cap 2018

If you’ve noticed patchy, scaly, crusty skin rashes on your newborn’s head, don’t worry; it’s probably just cradle cap. It happens to about 50% of children, and it is a harmless skin condition that won’t cause pain or discomfort to your child. Although that thought might help soothe your worries, you may still feel the need to get rid of it because of the way that it looks.

Because cradle cap can be very unsightly, it’s any parent’s main objective to get rid of the scaly appearance. The first and most effective method to remove cradle cap would be shampoo.

The best shampoo for cradle cap will get rid of the scales and nourish the skin to prevent the problem from persisting. Now the only question is – which cradle cap shampoo should you buy? Take a closer look at the best options here.

Top 10 Shampoos for Cradle Cap Comparison Table

PictureNameOrganicPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameOrganicPriceRating (1-5)
1. Original Sprout Hair & Body BabywashYes$$$4.6
2. Puracy Natural Baby Shampoo and Body WashYes$$4.5
3. Mustela Foam Shampoo for NewbornsNo$4.5
4. Bella B Bee Gone Cradle Cap Baby ShampooYes$4.3
5. Babo Botanicals Moisturizing Baby Shampoo and Wash Oatmilk CalendulaYes$4.2
6. Organic Baby Shampoo for Cradle CapYes$$4.2
7. Cradle Cap Treatment Scrub Removes Flakes and ScalesYes$$3.8
8. Cradle Cap Gentle Scalp Rub Cleanser by MD MomsNo$3.6
9. Gentle Naturals Cradle Cap TreatmentYes$$$$3.5
10. Organic Baby Wash 8oz. Sulfate Free USDA Certified Organic Moisturizing Baby Soap & ShampooYes$$$3.5

Tips for Parents In Need of Shampoo for Cradle Cap

When it comes to your baby, nothing is ever good enough unless it’s the best. It is possible to cause further irritation when you use the wrong product on your baby’s skin, so take your time when choosing the best shampoo for cradle cap.

Keep these tips in mind when making your choice and give your baby healthy, clear skin without sacrificing her safety with trial and error.

  • Check for Organic Ingredients. We all know how chemical-based product can react with our skin. When buying skin care and self-care products for yourself, it’s possible that you choose only those that are made from natural ingredients. In the same way, you should choose an organic cradle cap shampoo for your baby.

The reason for this is because natural products are far less likely to cause side-effects. The gentle composition of organic formulations allows parents to get rid of the problem without causing further irritation to their baby’s skin. If you must use a chemical-based product, be sure to ask your doctor first.

  • Read About Ingredients. Your chosen cradle cap shampoo will only be as effective as the ingredients it’s made of. Some of the safest and most effective components you should look for are:
    • Salicylic Acid. Considered one of the most effective ingredients for any sort of skin condition or irritation. Salicylic acid can cause burning sensations if too high in concentration. Be sure to monitor how much of this your product has to prevent discomfort.
    • Colloidal Oats. Found mostly in organic products, colloidal oats are finely milled oats that are suspended in a liquid formula; this helps combat dryness and moisturizes the skin for better skin health.
    • Calendula. Recognized as a powerful anti-inflammatory remedy, calendula can be used to soothe baby’s skin irritation and prevent cradle cap from persisting for longer.
  • Understand the Effects. Some cradle cap shampoos are best used alongside another product such as oils and lotions that are made for cradle cap as well. While combination products can work well, some parents are opposed to the idea of using too many formulations on a sensitive baby’s skin.

Unless you want to have to perform a routine involving 2 to 3 different products for your baby’s skin, be sure to choose a shampoo that will provide reliable results without the need for supplementary products.

Top 3 Best Shampoo for Cradle Cap Reviews

1. Original Sprout Hair and Body Babywash

All-natural, gentle, and 100% vegan, this product was designed for baby’s sensitive skin in mind. The Original Sprout Hair and Body Babywash has earned a reputation as one of the mildest and perhaps the best shampoo for cradle cap.

The formula is made up of organic ingredients such as rosemary, cucumber, arnica, and calendula which come together to create a powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory product without causing harm to baby’s skin.

The product is also safe for use on the entire body, working as a 2-in-1 bath and body wash for your little one. So if your baby experiences the symptoms of cradle cap elsewhere on her body (which is possible), this product can easily target those areas as well.

2. Puracy Natural Baby Shampoo and Body Wash

Purcay is a big name in the hypoallergenic care products, with their hypoallergenic laundry detergent being one of the most popular in its market. With such a positive reputation, there’s no wondering why their Natural Baby Shampoo and Body Wash has also quickly become a prime option for parents who want to relieve their baby’s cradle cap.

The Puracy formulation is made up of grapefruit essential oils and natural botanical extracts that are absorbed deep into the skin for maximum hydration. On the surface, the formula works to soften up the crusty skin and make it easier to remove.

Because the formula is highly concentrated, parents can apply just enough to cover the surface of the skin; this makes it easy to stretch the lifespan of a single bottle compared to other options that can easily run out for the same cost.

3. Mustela Foam Shampoo for Newborns

Another front runner in the market is Mustela. Their Foam Shampoo for Newborns was specifically developed for babies with sensitive skin and cradle cap. The formulation incorporates small amounts of salicylic acid which fights off bacteria and helps clear the skin of any contaminants that might cause further irritation.

The Mustela Foam Shampoo for Newborns is highly effective; however, some parents find that it works best when used in tandem with other Mustela products. While others might not mind the tedious routine, there are some who find using more than one product costly and inconvenient.

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